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I spent every single one on you.
For TWO years.

First it was that I would find someone that fit,
Someone I could love.
And then you came along.

Then it was that you would notice me,
And you did, and we became friends.

But I couldn’t deny the attraction between us,
So I wished, i wished, that you would see it too.
And you kissed me, and it was unlike any kiss before.

While we were together I spent even more:
I wish you would fall for me too.
I wish that you love me.
I wished you’d to be safe while you were gone.
I wish you would come over.
I wish you would be in my dreams tonight.

And so, so, so many more.

But now the wishes have changed,
Yet each is still about you.

Please, make you miss me too,
Please ease the pain you left,
I wish I could forget you,
I wish I wasn’t in love with you anymore.

11:11 comes twice a day,
And I wish on every one.
That’s over 1000 wishes.

On you.